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2.Elämä @ CORUYA

Suomi | Finland


2.elämä products are based on many years of professional design, art and research experience. They combine the inspiration of city life and being in the nature. In a more personal perspective, 2.elämä products reflect our feelings, environmental concerns and passion for life. Our main goal and philosophy is to design in a sustainable way by remaining local, using recycling materials and to avoid the use of harmful added materials or heavy engine manufacturing steps during the process. 2.elämä is a second chance for everything & everybody!

2.elämä's designs: DROPS | LONG KAAOS | MEDUSA | RONDO

Doris Häusler @ CORUYA

Saksa | Germany

Doris Häusler

Born in 1967 in Ingolstadt, Germany, Doris Häusler works since 1993 under the artist name „Dorisse“. She experimented with different art techniques, until she found her medium: Paper and Book Art.

She has a MA degree in Art History and Literature and her interest is bringing these two matters together: Interpreting books by altering them in different sculptural ways. She is interested in structures and textures, the repetition of identical elements, transforming and transferring books into a new context.

She participated in diverse exhibitions in galleries in Germany, Italy and the U.S. Her Book Art and Paper Jewelry is carried in Boutiques, Galleries and Museum Shops in various cities and countries, such as Germany, Italy, Australia, U.S: New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland (Museum Of Contemporary Art: MOCA).

At the Berlinale 2014 her jewelry was worn by the hostesses of the „Deutsche Telekom“.

Dorisse's designs: PAPER collection

Emma Ware @ CORUYA

Englanti | UK

Emma Ware

Emma Ware makes bold, tactile, body adornment around a core sustainable ethos, a design process that is fueled by an attitude to life and an innate need not to conform. This collection sees unconventional reclaimed rubber transformed into sensual, intricate sculptures.

A London based designer with a background in fine and applied arts, Emma built a film-making career in the camera department before an increasing need for creative independence ignited the conception of her label Ware London. Her motivation remains the interplay between constructed shape and human form with the pure thrill of being adorned.


Oropopo @ CORUYA



Oropopo is a husband and wife duo. In their New Mexico studio they combine new techniques with traditional materials to create objects inspired by mythologies and iconography of the American West. Their work combines laser cutting with one of the oldest materials in leather and design with narrative.

Karolé's professional background is in architecture and structural engineering. The Oropopo name is from her birthplace on the coast of Venezuela. Grady is a native of New Mexico, a writer, and literary editor; he has specialized in desert literature and its aesthetics. Together, they refine a narrative that combines site and culture with contemporary technology to bring a mythical state to everyday wearable jewelry.


Taina @ CORUYA

Suomi | Finland

Taina Lahenne

Taina Lahenne is a Finnish interior architect with many years experience abroad and in Finland, also one of the founders of Coruya.

Jewellery design was always fascinated her and the idea of start creating her own designs developed and matured through the years. On year 2014 she launched her collection through Coruya.

The idea was to use unusual materials, in order to create unique and avant-garde designs, but also elegant, comfortable, fun, and easy to wear. Time lasting designs that can be used in any occasion and will upgrade the whole outfit, is always on her mind when her thoughts are transferred into drawings.

Taina’s designs are one of the most desirable and popular of Coruya’s collection.

Taina's designs: DINI | FABBA | SÄDE | VALO


Suomi | Finland

Inni Pärnänen

Inni Pärnänen is a jewellery designer and artist who lives and works in Helsinki. In her work she likes to explore structures and materials. Her choices of materials as a starting point are often random, but they essentially guide the process of finding the structure of her pieces and also their expression. Threedimensionality and a strong emphasis on structure are characteristic of her work. The use of material guides the process, and feeling one’s way forward by hand is crucial.

“I have studied the integral qualities, stack ability, the strength and flexibility of anticlastic and cell like structures, and their possibilities of variation. The little spaces created within these structures often play an important part in my work.”

Eleanna Katsira @ CORUYA

Kreikka | Greece

Eleanna Katsira

Eleanna Katsira was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied Business Administration, practiced the profession in various companies, but eventually decided it was time to make a change in professional life and decided to dedicate herself to her “big passion” – the fashion industry! Therefore, in 2011 she decided to design & manufacture handmade women's accessories.

Eleanna Katsira loves to design and create handbags and jewelry using high quality materials and working only with her hands at her home studio in Athens, Greece.

The brand offers jewelry made of alternative materials and of a limited edition. Regarding the hand crafted jewelry, she tend to experiment with alternative materials, such as, zippers, ropes in conjunction with, leather, unique metals or semiprecious stones.

The collection is addressed to dynamic women who are not interested in following typical trends. They are independent, smart, witty, and select the accessories simply because they can “feel” the energy and love that she had put into creating them.

Her collections has been presented in various trade shows and exhibitions in Athens - with noteworthy success – and an unforgettable experience, her participation in the “Michalis Kakogiannis Institution” Exhibition, along with 30 other talented designers, where the artwork presented was inspired by famous Greek director’s films. Femmina fashion trade show, In Bed with Designer – Hong Kong.

Eleanna Katsira's designs: FIKIA

Jelka Quintelier @ CORUYA

Englanti | UK

Jelka Quintelier

Belgian born designer Jelka Quintelier graduated at the Royal College of Art in 2013 in London. With Black Lune she wants to stretch the boundaries of jewellery design and rethink traditional adornment.

Jelka designs laser cut rubber jewellery inspired by visual patterns and striking architecture that crosses her path. Her medium is photography and paper cut-outs which forms the basis for the digital drawings. The pieces are laser cut out of an industrial roofing rubber and transformed into captivating, easy to wear adornment that plays an interesting game between the 2D and 3D world.

​Jelka Quintelier's designs: ELDIS | ELDIZ | LAITIA | LALUZ | SFYRO

Ortogonale @ CORUYA

Saksa | Germany


ORTOGONALE is an independent product design brand focused on contemporary crafts, small series and limited edition homeware, tableware and jewellery products.

Born in Berlin in 2015 by the italian duo Rossella Flammia & Paolo Picone (Studio Mondocubo), ORTOGONALE explores the border between craftsmanship and Design, fostering the research on materials, and handicraft techniques; supporting materiality, humanity, glocalism, and the real and sustainable economy for small businesses.

ORTOGONALE's designs:
CONCRETE collection

Telma @ CORUYA



Telma is an Architect and TelmaDA, was born out of a concept, where it tries to ally the principles of Architecture with Contemporary Design in a Unique and differentiating language. Seeking the use of industrial materials in the production of pieces as delicate as those of jewelry. In a world where everything has become so bland, the brand works outside of the tendency circuit, getting inspiration from Architecture, in all its assymetries and shapes. There is also an effort to implement different building's soul and complexity into every single piece of jewelry to give it that extra something.

Telma's designs: LAMINATE collection

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