Satellite Double Face / White

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Modern double face earrings made of silver and porcelain, from the modern jewellery collection SATELLITE. White asymmetrical earrings with a simple, minimalist and geometrical lines, modern style and classy style at the same time, suitable both for everyday use and also for special occasions as a bridal earrings, bridal jewelry.
The porcelain is left matt, in its natural white color, without any use of enamel and colors, highlighting and highlighting its naked beauty and its properties.
Unlike all other ceramic materials, porcelain is waterproof even without the use of enamel, simply clean with water, or in the case of more intense stains using a normal detergent for dishes.

Our porcelain jewels are made strictly by hand piece by piece.

There may be slight imperfections and some pieces may have slight differences.

Weight: 2gr.

Spheres dimensions:
ø 10,5mm [0,4 inches]
ø 5,5mm [0,2 inches]

matt porcelain Limoges (France) & Silver 925. Firing 1250°
Silver 925, with screw closure


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