CORUYA avajaiset

CORUYA online shop was launched in 2014 and the opening of the boutique was held in June 2015.
The boutique is located in the heart of Design District Helsinki.

The product range includes design jewelry and accessories.

CORUYA focuses on the potential of the material.

Paper gives shape to earrings, rubber forms necklaces, and rope becomes bracelets.


CORUYA jewelry collections represent an intimate link to a wide range of materials, not common in the world of jewelry. They surprise, capture, and trigger the observant to discover the story of their production.


CORUYA is a platform where international designers meet after an attentive selection of their creations,
which stands for an architectural, bold, and modern style identity.

Discover the materials, combine the colours, and welcome to the other side of jewelry.

- Taina & Suvi -